School Uniform

Gortnor Abbey is proud of its heritage and uniform. Please help us continue this sense of community and identity through having the correct school uniform at all times and having pride in its strong tradition. 

Correct and neat uniform is to be worn at all times in school, on the journey to and from school and when representing the school

The official school uniform consists of:


  • ✓ Green Gortnor Abbey school jumper with crest.
  • ✓ Plain white cotton shirt or white polo shirt with collar.
  • ✓ Gortnor Abbey Green Gym  or  black trousers.
  • ✓ Black tights or plain white knee socks.
  • ✓ Plain black flat shoes.
  • ✓ Gortnor Abbey school jacket with crest- optional
  • Boys
    Grey Gortnor Abbey school jumper with crest.
    Plain grey cotton shirt or grey polo shirt with collar.
    Optional T shirt to be white only.
    Grey trousers
    Black shoes or black runners-no other colour permitted on the shoe. 


  • ✓ Runners must be worn
  • ✓ PE Teachers will advise regarding appropriate PE gear.